Art Therapy

Fifi ImageI am a visual artist and I have trained extensively at the College of Complimentary Medicine in Pymble, Australia for a number of years.
The essence of this exploration is not about creating a ‘pretty’ finished artwork. Its about being in the moment, spontaneity, connecting with yourself and your body.

To reach where words fail or are not enough. By using the art as a vehicle, one taps into the creative and intuitive sides of the self, encouraging a holistic and integrative healing process.

The opportunity to partake in art activities is often one’s first exposure to such creativity since childhood. The emotional response to memory stimulus from childhood can be a powerful tool in the therapeutic process.Diabetes Alive Art
 Art Therapy:
  •  Opens the pathway for feelings difficult to talk about
  • Increases self- esteem and confidence
  • Provide relaxation and balance
  • Taps into one’s creative side
  • Help break through rather than breakdown
  • Provide tools to navigate transitions in life
  • Assists personal growth and insight
If you would like to explore this form of counselling, We offer art therapy group sessions and one on one sessions. Please contact us for further information.
Fifi Hazzouri
Transpersonal Art Therapist