Ashley Perkins

The first time i stepped foot in the gym i had no idea what i was doing. This is completely normal! Over the coming months i read countless articles and watched hundreds of hours
worth of youtube videos slowly increasing my knowledge of the human body and the nutritional lifestyle needed to achieve the goals i had set in my head.

Skip forward a few years and i was in my element. Training as much as i could, eating as much as i could and generally loving the new found passion i had found for fitness and bodybuilding…but this is where it gets a bit different.
Friday the 13th (spooky huh?) of July 2012 – the day that changed EVERYTHING.
“Im sorry to inform you Mr. Perkins but unfortunately you are Type 1 Diabetic” the consultant said to me as i lay in a hospital bed, completely confused, slightly scared and not really knowing what that actually meant.
Why me? What did i do to deserve this? Ive spent the last 2 years working out and eating a healthy diet, how can this happen? I thought diabetic people were unhealthy?
And this is really where my journey begins. My mission is to disprove the stereotypes associated with Type 1 Diabetics. I am here to educate, motivate and inspire! I want to show you how my love for fitness and bodybuilding has enabled me to take perfect control of my diabetes and help teach you how it can change your life too!
Right now there isn’t a great deal of information available out there for diabetics regarding the lifestyle i honestly believe is the most effective for controlling this condition. I can’t stress enough…YOU are in control. Its YOUR body. Never forget that YOU are the boss.
Please hit me up on Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions. Looking to start your fitness journey? Worried about how it might effect your diabetes? Im here to help. Lets make a change together!
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