Liqua Care Diabetic Insoles

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Liqua Care® was not designed specifically for those with diabetes, rather to alleviate the discomforts commonly linked to prolonged periods of standing.

The most common reason for cold feet, aches and pains is due, in part, to being on your feet for long periods of time. The effects of gravity plus your body weight means the circulation becomes reduced due to a reduction in the “venous return”.

Liqua Care® are clinically proven to dramatically increase the venous pump function whilst giving your feet a gentle massage all the time. This benefit is vitally important for those with diabetes in the “at risk” category, but equally they will have the same effect on anyone.

For hygienic reasons: No returns are accepted (unless the product is faulty).

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Liqua Care® contain a non-toxic, precisely measured liquid which flows through a patented liquid control system. Anatomically designed channels control the direction of the liquid for ensuring directional stability during walking or standing and for matching the flow of liquid to the structure of the foot.

Liqua Care® can be easily inserted into most types of shoes and boots. High durability makes the insoles usable for work, sports, and fitness activities. Liqua Care® is machine washable and antistatic.

Open Footwear: Adhesive velcro-stickers are available for use of Liqua Care® in clogs and sandals.

Proof of Function: Liqua Care® has been tested by a distinguished Professor in Ergonomics, and by numerous Podiatrists, Physiologists and accredited businesses. Documentation is available on request.