My top tips to sticking to your new year’s resolution

Let’s face it; we all make a New Years resolution- Whether we stick to it is another story. The
custom of setting “New Year’s resolutions” began during this period in Rome two millennia
ago, as they made such resolutions with a moral flavor: mostly to be good to others. But
when the Roman Empire took Christianity as its official state religion in the 4th century, these
moral intentions were replaced by prayers and fasting. After almost 10 years in the gym
scene the most common resolutions I hear are based around lose weight, eating well and
giving up alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than hearing statements
like that, but the realty of it is, the all or nothing mentality is setting you all up to fail. I’ve
come up with my top tips to ensure we all stay on track with our resolutions and have a
positive experience doing so!
1. Make one small change at a time:
Most resolutions actually require many behaviour changes. Sure, some are straightforward,
like remembering to take a mutli vitamin pill every day — but a successful weight-loss
program, for example, calls for more than just a decision to eat less. You have to shop and
cook differently, start or ramp up an exercise routine, maybe even ditch certain social or
family events. Just from that one resolution, there is a big list of behaviour changes that
need to happen in order to achieve the desired out come. Make one small change per week,
not 10.
2. Lift Your Spirits
Watching funny movies — or doing just about anything that puts you in a good mood — also
helps when willpower starts wearing down. Attitude is extremely important, but often not
appreciated. In terms of changing the way you eat (it’s much more than a “diet”), focus on
the opportunities and what you can eat as opposed to what foods you’re trying to cut down
on. There are many wonderful foods and recipes to explore, and believe it or not we can
learn to like new foods.
3. Write Your Ticket to Success
People who put their goals on paper are significantly more likely to achieve them than are
those who merely make mental vows, make a your list of goals and pop it on the fridge- that
way you have to look at the, everyday!
Plan for success, in terms if exercise – people with prediabetes or diabetes, and the general
adult public should aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise on most days. Set yourself
up for success by marking each workout on your calendar, just as you would any other
commitment. If you’re a morning exerciser, set your clothes out the night before so you can
change into them as soon as you wake up. If you have a gym membership, always pack a
bag when you leave the house—no excuses!
4. Find someone to share the experience.
Support makes all the difference. If you plan to increase your exercise load, find a buddy
who has the same goals and begin planning strategies as well as workouts. A buddy will
also serve to keep you on track toward your goals and help make the experience a most
positive and fun one!
As you make your New Year’s resolutions this year, remember my tips and keep in mind
that success takes time and comes with the proper mindset. Good luck and feel free to
email me any questions.
Happy goal setting!
Rach x

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