One Diabetic Dies every 6 Seconds

One DIabetic Dies every 6 MinutesInteresting facts about Diabetes, I read a fact that really startled me, 1 person dies every 6 seconds from Diabetes!!!!! How can this be, in a day and age where information and technology is so advanced, yet we are still having such high statistics like these. I still remember when I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I was only 6 years old, not really understanding what was going on at the time, all I understood was that I was going to hospital for a few months to get better, away from my siblings, and all my comforts. I can still remember crying myself to sleep at night, wanting my mum to come and take me home.
After my release from hospital, I remember the hope that filled my parent’s eyes, hearing that we should have a cure very soon for this disease. Year after year as I visited The Children’s Hospital, and Endocrinologist after Endocrinologist, waiting and waiting. I still remember hearing at the age of 13 that a cure will be here by the time I am 18, sure enough that came and went. I am now 39 years of age, and I am still waiting for a cure. So after reading that fact, that every 6 seconds, a diabetic dies, I get shivers down my spine. But I also get adrenalin running through my veins, and a determination to want a cure more than ever. I want to see this happen in my lifetime, as I have heard about this since I was diagnosed 34 years ago.

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